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Please click on the presentation below to see the screen shots of sheet metal duct estimating and pipe estimating software Pipe-Pro is our complete pipe estimating program which includes pipe and an excel recap sheet. The program comes with several piping types pre-installed to help you get on line more quickly and can handle different piping or material types with up to items per pipe type. The material and labor descriptions and prices are pre-installed and the user has the ability to change material prices and the labor productivity factors to one of the national standards or factors that the user has developed for his company. Each system allows you to adjust the labor or material by a factor to reflect job difficulty or material price increases. The special factors feature allows you to change the price of or the labor productivity for individual items in a system and the program will revert back to the default factors on other systems in the same job and one future jobs. Labor and material for coil hook ups is one of our features. Approximately hook ups preinstalled. You are provided with a drawing of the hook up and a material list. You can install your own PDF of a piping detail, select the material to be incorporated and use it on your projects.

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Updated My cheap Chinese laser experience. Being a tech type I purchased one of those amazingly low priced laser engravers coming out of China lately.

Get unsurpassed accuracy and performance from this 10 x inch Graphic Drawing Tablet from Monoprice!This tablet features a lines per inch (LPI) drawing resolution, a RPS report rate, and levels of pressure sensitivity.

Straightening Finishing and final inspection Tubing for redrawing can be either welded or seamless. The redrawing process for each is essentially the same; therefore, processes described in this article apply to both. Welded tubing is produced from strip that has been rolled, slit, and coiled. After the coil is delivered to the tube production facility, it is uncoiled and fed into a mill that forms it into a tubular shape and the resultant seam is welded.

Seamless tubing may originate from pierced tubing carbon or low-alloy steel or extrusions stainless, high-alloy steels, and nickel-based alloys. They may be further processed by pilgering or reducing. Another raw material is a drilled bar, which usually is used for special alloys or tolerances. While the equipment and procedures discussed here may be applicable to most alloys, they are aimed primarily at carbon and low-alloy steel, stainless steel, and nickel-based alloys.

Copper and aluminum usually are produced by high-volume processes, while titanium and zirconium alloys are better suited to low-volume, specialized processes such as pilgering and tube rolling. Procurement Drawing begins with procuring the raw material. In most cases, the annealed properties are specified for maximum softness. The three most common methods for pointing are push pointing, rotary swaging, and squeeze pointing.

In some cases, phosphate coating or soap film is applied before drawing.

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Featuring a host of creative tools, Adobe Illustrator has long been a program of choice for designers and illustrators alike. Advanced software capabilities enable users to produce elaborate designs and illustrations that capture their creativity with greater ease. With a number of features, like path editing, point alignment and precise positioning Adobe Illustrator allows users to work more efficiently with custom workspaces by taking advantage of the easy-to-use interface, featuring space saving and custom viewing options.

For professionals, the Intuos Pro delivers improved performance and customization with better resolution, sensitivity and pen-tilt recognition.

Mar 06,  · Kelly Clarkson’s second single from her fabulous new CD (“All I Ever Wanted”) is the uber-catchy “I Do Not Hook Up.” Katy Perry co-wrote the song along with Kara DioGuardi (the new judge on “American Idol”) and producer Greg Wells, and she recorded it for her abandoned first solo CD (her version is available several places online for comparison).

Basic Troubleshooting Why is the thread bunching-up under my fabric? This is easily corrected by rethreading the machine, following the threading path carefully and making sure the thread is fully engaged in the tension mechanism. The upper thread on my machine keeps breaking. My stitches are too loose. To correct loose stitches, try the following: If the stitches are loose on top of the fabric, decrease the tension to the next lower number.

If they are loose on the underside set the tension to the next higher number. For fine fabrics, use a smaller needle size 9, 11 ; medium-weight fabrics require a size 14 or The lower thread on my machine keeps breaking. This is usually caused by a problem with the bobbin case. Check the bobbin and bobbin case.

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There’s never any reason to be working with live or energized circuits. I got my electrical training as an apprentice because I wanted to become an electrician. Later I learned about electric theory from a technical college as I applied it to telecommunications and residential electrical wiring.

Jul 25,  · Write plugins for Grand Theft Auto V to alter game behaviour and functionality.

InVision lets us iterate quickly, elevate quality, and ship fast. Frank YooHead of Product Design Seamlessly communicate, gather feedback, and move projects forward Seamlessly communicate, gather feedback, and move projects forward InVision allows you to collaborate, experiment, and test much more effectively and efficiently. Sun DaiProduct Designer Beautifully collect and present designs, inspiration, and more Beautifully collect and present designs, inspiration, and more We use Boards to share initial goals and ideas, show the user flow, and capture inspiration.

Catt SmallProduct Designer Magically better handoffs from design to development Magically better handoffs from design to development We used to spend hours creating redlines. Inspect consolidated a bunch of tools and keeps everyone aligned as designs evolve. Prototype and animate Effortlessly animate transitions and add micro-interactions to transform your static screens into working prototypes.

Collaborate Seamlessly navigate the entire design process in one place, keeping everyone fully engaged and notified of changes.

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To rescue a dropped stitch from the knit side of stockinette stitch if the purl side is facing, turn it around , reach through the dropped stitch with a crochet hook and pick up the bottommost strand in the ladder. Then, pull the strand through the stitch toward you to form a new stitch. Repeat this maneuver to pull each successive strand in the ladder through the loop until the last strand has been worked.

Bell & Gossett Coil Hook-up Kits are available in a wide range of sizes (1/2” to 2”) and styles to cover all of your system needs. Coil hook-up kits have been shown to reduce ordering and installation time and help reduce field problems.

How to use a tablet as a second display Need a second screen? Put your tablet to good use as an auxiliary display. You can also put that bad boy to work as a second display. Two displays for a single computer give you more space to spread out your documents, spreadsheets and web browsers. If you already own an Android tablet, why not?

It’s cheaper than buying an extra monitor and only requires a few app downloads. There are a few apps that let you do this, but for this guide, I’ve chosen iDisplay since it it has options for multiple platforms. Use your tablet as a second display to multitask easily. No, the apps aren’t free, but they’re cheaper than a new monitor. Once installed and opened, you’ll see one option — connect via USB.

I found this method worked inconsistently, if ever. To connect via Wi-Fi instead, you have to download iDisplay for your PC or Mac see step 2 , before this option appears. When connecting via Wi-Fi, you have to make sure both tablet and computer are connected to the same network.

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Link to a PDF file of the light plot and a page of photographs from the show 2. What is the difference between a Broadway plot and a study plot? A Broadway plot shows only the location, unit number, and type of light.

Apr 01,  · My Story Can Beat Up Your Story: Ten Ways to Toughen Up Your Screenplay from Opening Hook to Knockout Punch [Jeffrey Schechter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. My Story Can Beat Up Your Story! is the same powerful, easy-to-learn system that industry insiders have used to generate millions of dollars in script sales and?assignments.

June 24, Author: If not, are you looking for a reason to get one? What if I told you that a tablet can be a mobile smartboard? In my classroom, I hook up my laptop to the projector like I usually do, and then I open Whiteboard on my Motorola Xoom tablet. What is on my computer screen I see on my tablet. This is the remote desktop mode. I can now control my computer with my tablet or with my computer keyboard and mouse. Whatever I do on one, happens on the other.

In annotation mode, I can draw on the screen. Connecting On my computer I installed Splashtop Streamer free. Streamer runs in the background. You can find its icon in the system tray lower right corner of your computer screen.

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Edraw allows you to more easily create piping and instrumentation diagrams for piping systems, industrial, chemical, fluids and hydraulics drawings. It is used by people in a variety of crafts. The primary users of the document after plant startup are process technicians and instrument and electrical, mechanical, safety, and engineering personnel.

MHS is now an award-winning software with a 5-star rating! Update ( PM 12/5/): MHSrar has been added to the download page.. Added support for Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

The complexity of your lighting plan depends on how much time you have, who you need to communicate with, and the complexity of the show. Use arrows to show where you want light to come from in each area. Use coloured pens or other codes to identify which jobs are to be shared by a number of lanterns, so that you can see how many lanterns of each type you need. For example, the lanterns doing the general wash should all be the same, to ensure it looks completely even.

By Hand or CAD? In the days before computers, the options were limited.

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Discover Wacom for drawing Whether you’re an accomplished commercial artist or a beginner just learning your way, you’ll find your creative zone quickly given the natural feel of a Wacom pen in your hand. Exploreproducts for drawing Getting started Creative people around the world rely on Wacom products to take their ideas to reality. No matter what your discipline, Wacom pen displays and pen tablets work with your favorite software to offer more intuitive and natural ways to enhance your creativity.

Learn more Sketch for iPad Your iPad just got a lot more interesting. With the Intuos Creative Stylus 2, you have a range of creative opportunities ahead. Enjoy the thin tip and the feeling of a pressure-sensitive art tool, all on your iPad.

Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback.

Automated production of Loop Diagrams. Automated production of Bill of materials report. Automated production of Cables Schedule report. Automated production of wire interconnection lists. Automated production of USER defined reports. Project Management and Revision tracking. Automated project drawing index list. Automated materials quantity summary report. Tag name duplication cross referencing report. Revision comparison reports for all parts and connections.

Exports and Imports are available to most common formats for ease of incorporation of vendor data and supply of customer data. Flat file and relational imports and exports are possible. Import and export directly from client instrument datasheets.

Can a CHEAP TABLET make PROFESSIONAL ART? – Putting the INTUOS DRAW to the Test!