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This haunting new podcast tells true stories of Austin’s spookiest sites Haunting new podcast uncovers true stories of Austin’s spookiest sites Oct 23, , 2: Photo by Thao Nguyen As if on cue, when the door to Spider House opens, the theme to Ghostbusters is pumping through the speakers. Despite being noon, it’s dark and gray and frankly creepy inside the old house. And despite spending almost every afternoon here as a UT graduate student, sipping coffee and writing, I am absolutely petrified. A few days earlier, trolling for new podcasts, I came across The Night Owl , a paranormal investigative series that spends most of its first season diving into Austin’s haunted past. Foregoing my usual true crime and new age-y genres, I listened to the first episode about Royal Legion Tattoo, a parlor nestled on the Spider House property. This is the part where I explain that I live very close to Spider House.

Dobson’s Exit From Focus: A Family Affair?

A podcast covering the latest news about Adventures in Odyssey. When Novacom Broadcasting moves into the town of Odyssey, the media company gives every impression of being family friendly — until unexplained events begin to happen. Whit finds hidden cameras in his office…Eugene disappears…and blueprints for the Imagination Station are stolen. Meanwhile, Connie begins dating a young manwho works for Novacom.

When my wife, Lois, and I started dating, I came up with a strategy to encourage her to fall more in love with me. She was a lot in love with me from the beginning, but I wanted to increase that.

I myself recommend staying away form this approach securing food since to my knowledge there additional plants out and about that are deadly poisonous than there are edibles. So unless you are expert at identifying these plants I only say leave them alone. Or you will take risking potential putting yourself in greater peril than you are actually. Survival Blog Podcast The life expectancy of these particular food products is incredibly long.

Some foods may last for a number of years. These products are specially package to guarantee a long shelf every day. Once the investment may be made, it will probably be really long time before just one or two to consider replacements. Most foods last for at least ten years, and some can last much more than that. Survival Blog Podcast We current maintain our stock of food in a kitchen pantry however we are discussing intentions to expand and make up a small eight by eight extension dedicated entirely to food storage device.

When we notice that our supplies are starting to diminish we begin watching the marketplace for local cash flow. We try never to pick a product unless it is on sell.

Dirty John

This is a “must-listen” type of podcast and one that you can’t miss. Hugely helpful and fun to listen. You should definitely subscribe. August 17, by Autumn Shultz from United States This show is nothing short of inspiring and informative! Nicole and her guests know just how to tell it like it is. I would highly recommend it to entrepreneurs and marketers in all businesses.

Out of more than 5, national entries, the contest’s three finalists will be flown to Focus on the Family’s campus in Colorado Springs to audition in front of a live audience with three of the show’s actors: Andre Stojka, Katie Leigh and Zach Callison.

Focus on the Family Copyright: Unknown Finding joy in your marriage is sometimes a choice. John and Greg give pointers on being the spouse you want to be. Featuring advice from Rhonda Stoppe. Unknown Pastor Dave Carder offers couples practical advice for protecting their marriages from adultery in a discussion based on his book Anatomy of an Affair: Unknown Popular blogger Becky Thompson offers encouragement and practical advice to moms on how they can reconnect with their husband and strengthen their marriage amidst the many demands of parenting.

Unknown Author Levi Lusko explores the challenges Christian families face in today’s hyper-sexualized culture in which digital technology has made it easier than ever for young people to “hook up” and trade their future health and emotions for momentary pleasure. He offers encouragement to those who’ve been hurt by past mistakes and advice for how we can protect ourselves from temptation and compromise.

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Plus, what our sources have told us about the women from SmackDown being left off all together. Plus … Kevin eats another banana like a monster. Ryan is still disgusted. Plus … we discuss a heated topic from our Facebook group this week on rumors surrounding DDP going into the Hall of Fame. We also discuss how the company creating so many brands is starting to feel like overkill.

Cultivating a Kingdom Marriage, Part 2. From: Focus on the Family Marriage Podcast. by Focus on Focus on the Family 9 followers Follow Following. Find us on Facebook Create a podcast – .

March 19, Great Things: I want to strategically tell you about books, sermons, websites and other resources. So today I want to begin with the Focus on the Family broadcast. Dobson and Focus on the Family are a household name in Christianity. They’ve been around for years. I remember my mom listening often throughout my childhood. Dobson played a very important role in how she parented us. Dobson recently retired from Focus but their broadcast still continues.

Each day their 30 minute program covers a variety of topics including health, politics, parenting, marriage, finances and many more. You can listen online or download their podcast free. Their website is not the most user friendly but well worth it.

Focus on the Family Marriage Podcast

What an awesome Christmas gift for yourself or the foodie in your life. The WiFi model is normally and it is on sale for only 99 bucks, dollars off. The bluetooth only model usually sells for Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend. I have talked about Sous Vide Cooking a lot on the show and this is my third cooker to purchase before settling on which to recommend.

John Rosemond and Pastor Scott Gleason have the rare ability to take somewhat complicated and sometimes controversial truths and bring profound insights. I loved this book and so will you.” Dr. Allan Mosely, Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary: “Socrates said, ‘The unexamined life is not.

About What is a Podcast? Personal Stories That Strengthen our Community OHEL is building a library of eye-opening conversations between people in the community that focus on a gamut of life experiences, challenges and reflections. Conversations that change our perspectives, our understandings, and enrich our own lives through listening to the interesting life experiences of others.

Today more understand that sharing such stories, is a sign of strength and not weakness and that such enrich discourse only helps to strengthen the community. From never-married singles in their early forties, to adults in their fifties who have mid mid-life career changes. How Does it Work? The conversations recorded are always between two people.

Currently we are only making recording in the New York areas. OHEL will conduct a conversation with interested persons and determine the nature of conversation and who the conversation could be with. OHEL invites members of the community who wish to consider sharing a personal story or fascinating insights to contact the Listen for a Change Project Team below. Perhaps you know someone else with a fantastic story that you feel would be enriching to others.

The opportunities of insightful conversation are endless. This project is about creating a safe and comfortable space for individuals in the community to have the conversation many always sought to have.

Mind Control Comes to The AIO Club

Podcast users, find today’s related broadcast resources here: The Forgotten, Epic Adventure of the Pilgrims. Our guests discuss setting healthy boundaries, practicing self-care, relying on God, and more. Part 2 of 2 Podcast users, find today’s related broadcast resources here: Part 1 of 2 Podcast users, find today’s related broadcast resources here:

Survival Blog Podcast Your family, especially your children, may well want to consume new food during an urgent situation or disaster. Having similar food to normal will help to lower stress levels when essential for seems unnatural.

Senate Chaplain Barry Black: My friends, God wants us to pray when we need Him, even as a parent wants to be with a child who needs him or her. End of Excerpt John Fuller: Probably about 5, people are packed into the room, just to give you a picture of what this looks like. You could hear a pin drop. And Chaplain Black delivered that kind of message that we heard last year– powerful declaration of the gospel. And I came back and, thankfully, John, you and the team listened to it and went, wow, this is it!

And it was one of the most popular programs of the year. This message is a great reminder for us to be on our knees for our country today and every day. Well, Chaplain Black is, as Jim has said, a remarkable man. Navy for over 27 years, ending his distinguished careeras the Chief of Navy Chaplains. Applause Senate Chaplain Barry Black:

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