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The week’s best photojournalism Daily business briefing In the fall of , Stan Hickam was a radiology technician in a small town in the rolling, rural Northeastern corner of Tennessee with an innocuous hobby: He collected old, corroded Gillette razors that no one wanted anymore, cleaned them up, and sold them on eBay. Unbeknownst to Hickam, the world of manly men at that time were discovering the virtues of vintage shaving gear with rapidly growing gusto. His razors quickly sold, he refurbished even more; they sold at even higher prices, and before he knew it Hickam had a new business on his hands. After his something son-in-law told him exactly what you’d expect “You need a website” , his business started gaining attention. Under the catchy name “Above The Tie,” Hickam and Matt Cole the son-in-law started to sell not only refurbished Gillettes but also select shaving accoutrements: As business grew, and Hickam kept refurbishing more razors, he noticed some patterns in the ones he liked best. On some, the razor’s head was curved so perfectly that its surface grabbed skin as it slid over your face, lifting it slightly so the blade could cut stubble almost below skin level.

M3 closed during morning rush-hour following 10-vehicle crash – recap

Share Loading the player We all want it, work for it and think about it. While the creation and growth of money seems somewhat intangible, money is the way we get the things we need and desire. The task of defining what money is, where it comes from and what it’s worth belongs to those who dedicate themselves to the discipline of economics. Here we look at the multifaceted characteristics of money.

Before the development of a medium of exchange — i.

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Pagani, Ducati and Kawasaki. Ohlins’ latest automotive suspension system, the DFV Dual Flow Valve Road and Track Coilover Kit, has bridged the gap between comfortable stock suspension and track focused coilover kits. This is all thanks to the spring rate chosen and Ohlins and their signature Dual Flow Valve. The Dual Flow Valve works by controlling shock fluid flow based on resistance and impact velocity.

This is controlled in both compression and rebound, giving the quick shock operation that helps maintain traction. At low shaft travel speeds, oil flows mostly through the shaft jet bleed. With all three compression and rebound ports working together according to pressure and shaft speed, the result is the notorious premium suspension feel that only Ohlins can offer.

In addition to managing the rebound and compression control, coilovers must also properly address heat changes in the shock oil. As the shock is pushed harder and longer, the oil quickly heats up due to friction and compression, and the oils flow characteristics change. The hotter the oil is, the easier it is for it to travel through ports and valves. This produces a consistent dampening rate that maintains the vehicle’s suspension characteristics lap after lap, turn after turn, no matter how hard you push your suspension’s capabilities.


Begun as a wholesale jeweler, the company produced small table clocks and good-quality pocket watches, By , driven by the increased demand for wristwatches, Bulova built a factory in Bienne, Switzerland that was capable of mass-producing fully-jeweled wristwatch movements in large numbers. For the most part, these movements were cased and timed in the USA before shipment to retailers.

Under Joseph Bulova’s guidance, Bulova became a world-leader in the mass production of reliable, good-quality wristwatches. Bulova sold relatively few pocket watches compared to their huge production of wristwatches , though they did produce a few basic pocket watch models in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. The ultra-thin “Phantom” model, produced in the ‘s, was a finely-made, platinum-cased pocket watch that is prized by collectors today.

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Hammond m3 organ dating New Era University, Philippines. Results 1 to 8 of 8. The Korg CX-3 single manual and BX-3 dual manual were the first lightweight organs to produce a comparable sound to the original. Links to other Hammond content can be found at the Tonewheel Hammond m3 organ dating Hospital. About Amanda Phelps hammond m3 organ dating Results 1 to 8 of 8. I have Hammond organs without any documentation. At the back is hammond m3 organ dating sign.

I think they are custom made – portable. I itend to restore them and replace white plastic with wood. There are some problems whith bas pedas. To help determine the manufacturing date of Hammond organs and Leslie speakers. Use this form if you would like to submit your Hammond Organ for inclusion in these tables.

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BMW’s fetish for technological overkill is not limited to M Drive, but the rest of the gadgets are far more useful. The rear differential lock, aptly called “M variable differential lock,” adjusts the locking ratio based on the speed difference between the rear wheels. The alternator cycles off when the engine is under load and engages during braking or coasting. The payoff is more power and better fuel efficiency.

Leica M’s Sorted by Model and Serial Number to M3 to M6 TTL. The raw data was supplied courtesy of Leica, by Mr. Horst Braun with the approval of Leica’s CEO, Mr. Cohn. Earlier Black M4’s had a black enamel finish, later M4’s (presumably dating from about the introduction of the M5) used a black chrome finish.

Past Products Be part of the Super X3 following. Shooters of Super X3 shotguns are a quiet bunch. They don’t say too much or brag too much. They just go about their business taking more ducks and geese, more pheasants and grouse and more turkeys and deer in the toughest, widest ranging temperatures and weather conditions around. At times and places and conditions where the competition will fail. The Super X3 has one of the most iron-clad reputations in the shotgun world.

For over a decade it has lead all others as the most durable, robust, dawn-to-dusk workaholic shotgun there is.

Four men rushed to hospital after crash following police chase on M3

The pool , named after the Ottoman Sultans who built it, was a large water reservoir 67 x x 12 m which was part of the water supply of the old city. The water was fed from rainfall collected in the basin of the upper side of the valley, and possibly an overfill from the aqueduct. The Herodian aqueduct, which is built around the circumference of the pool, was part of Jerusalem’s “Lower aqueduct” that delivered water to the city during the Roman period.

It brought water from Solomon’s pools near Bethlehem , which collected water from springs around that area, all the long way to the Temple Mount 23 km in total length. The Ottomans added clay pipes into the ancient rock-hewn aqueduct. The aqueduct looped around the pool, and its traces are visible on the east and west sides.

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Millennium Check Number The check number refers to the accuracy in the date as compared to time on Terra, with 0 being the most accurate and 9 being the least. Class 0 refers to events that occurred on Terra , with each increasing number being a further degree of separation from Terra. Location Based A 0 means that the event occurred on Terra. A 1 means that the event occurred within the Sol system. Contact Based A 2 means that the event occurred while someone present for the event was in direct psychic contact with Terra or the Sol system.

A 3 means that an individual or organization present was in psychic contact with a 2 source while the event occurred. A 4 means that the individual or organization was in contact with a 3 OR 2 source. A 5 means that the individual or organization was in contact with a 4 source. A 6 means that the individual or organization was in contact with a 5 source. Estimation Based A 7 means that the event in question occurred within 10 years of the date listed in the rest of the Imperial date.

An 8 means that the event occurred within 20 years of the date. A 9 class source is special. A 9-class source is an approximated date, and is usually used when recording a date within Warp travel or while on a planet that does not use the Imperial system. Year Fraction For record-keeping, each year is divided into equal parts, numbered

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Carbon Dating Most everyone has heard of Carbon dating on the news or elsewhere sometime in the past years. In this article I hope to explain the theoretical and physical science behind Carbon dating, and discuss how it affects our lives and the validity of the process. Scientists use Carbon dating for telling the age of an old object, whose origin and age cannot be determined exactly by normal means.

Because of this method Chemistry has become intertwined with History, Archeology, Anthropology, and Geology. Poole Many items that have been thought to come from one time have been tested and found out to actually come from a few thousands years beforehand. Places where historians believed that human civilization came to exit say, only 2, years ago, have actually been proven to have had some form of human civilization more than 4, years ago.

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State Marks Historic state regulations, many not yet revoked, required other additional marks, such as “Safety,” “Solid Tempered,” and “Laminated,” as appropriate. For regulatory purposes these windshields are only AS1 glass below the tint band. Antenna Not used on first-generation Camaros.

Dec 26,  · Sale included records dating to new, a handful of which detailed recent rod bearing, motor mount and MAF sensor replacements. The above chart tracks BaT Auctions results for E46 BMW M3’s, as found on our BaT Model Page here.

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These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Simon Read Image caption Bomb disposal experts were called to the scene An unknown flammable material, thrown from a motorway bridge, caused the closure of the M3 which led to major travel disruption, police have said. Thousands of motorists were caught up in long queues on the motorway and surrounding roads in Winchester. A bomb disposal team was sent to the scene of the closure between junctions nine and 11 at Winchester on Saturday.

However, the material was found not to be explosive.

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Despite so many politicians wanting us to be left defenseless, many people are now adding body armor to their home defense toolset or daily CCW packs. There is a perception that level III and IIIa armor lines are becoming less expensive, but keep in mind that itr may only be single-round rated. DKX offers a broad range of armor and has worked directly with the Secret Service. The company and owner have a long pedigree with armor dating back several decades.

The prevalence of heavy steel hard plate armor has seen a huge growth over the last couple years, but we had a lot of professionals asking for a similar performing body armor that was significantly lighter. Similar performance would typically come at the cost of significantly heavier weight. The sacrifice in this case is that the plate is about 1.

The benefit of the thicker plate is that it disperses energy over much of the plate which makes getting shot a lot less painful and technically you do not need a trauma pad like you would with a steel plate. DKX utilizes a proprietary polymer blend for the armor which uniquely makes it buoyant. If you manage to fall into a river while wearing DKX armor, you will float instead of drown with 20 pounds of steel strapped to you.

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You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page. Never Verify Online Select to bypass the loop-checking process online during BOM maintenance; you can run the verification as a deferred process. If you select this option and BOMs exist for the assembly item, the dates for the components specified in the BOMs typically must be aligned with the dates within the revisions. If you want to control the assembly item by revision but still allow for some off-cycle components such as components that do not align with the exact start date of a revision , select this check box and also select the By Effectivity Date option.

This enables you to maintain components on dates that do not align with the exact start date of a revision. In this case, By Effectivity Date is the default setting.

The BMW M3 saloon is the four-door sibling to the BMW M4 coupé and M4 convertible. The added everyday practicality offered by the M3 suggests it may somehow be 4/5.

Product Information Quiz Organ Identification It is not unusual to have situations where a new Hammond Organ owner may not readily be able to identify the instrument he or she has. This page has been designed to help individuals find the model and serial number plate on the Hammond Organ instrument. Also one might make a determination by comparing to a picture of a unit or one might eliminate a model possibility just by looking at a picture. In the case of instruments made back in the mid to late s, the serial plate probably has the Hammond Instrument Company as the manufacturer name along with the serial number on a metal plate.

The plate is most often located on a shelf in the rear of the organ or in the lower right hand corner of the cabinet in the back of the instrument. In the case where an instrument has a rear cover, it may be necessary to carefully remove the cover and locate the metal plate on the lower or upper shelf inside the organ. The aforementioned locations were applicable for instruments manufactured from all the way into the mid to late ‘s.

M3 Hangout 17, 12-03 aka “That Dating Conversation Again…”